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Bees Selective 

Bees buzz about behind your back
Because they are selective.
Some bees buzz louder than other bees
Being over-protective.
Queen Bee’s got no worries –
Her subjects are her slaves –
She’s got no scabs
Or naughty bees
Who sometimes misbehave.
But Queen Bee’s
Got no King Bee,
And because of this
She’s afraid to give
Even one bee
A gentle little kiss.

The bees are all
Too gentlemanly,
Treat her like Royal tea,
They have to gather nectar
For the Royal honey.
But come on bees,
There’s another way –
Learn the Ozzy rules!

A subject went right up
After taking amber nectar,
Said Queen, you’re my ray light
And yes, he went and pecked her
On her round, striped body!