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Sad Part IV (A Day Off) 

Trapped in a Catch 22 situation –
Playing hard to get with
Someone playing hard to get –
Or at least, I think/hope she is –
Today, I’d vowed there’d be no contact.
This really was, pretty much,
The day’s sole purpose – cleaning,
Tidying, making some food, listening
To a couple of CDs, refilling
An ink cartridge without enough yellow..
A quick trip to Spar, calling on a friend
Who wasn’t in, checking the Cardiff City
Website, checking the emails just
In case she’d emailed – these were all fillers.
And there was no new news.
The Tsunami still dominated,
England were not dominating, but the
Barmy Army were still singing.
The Rooney story was still knocking about,
The review of the year still in force.
She didn’t ring or text,
I’d written and saved a text
For tomorrow – something funny.
One day off would be enough, I judged.
Me with the patience of a sinner.