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Poker Eyes

A weekend playing poker online,
And I go to bed with
Disposable 9-2s off suit,
Useful pairs of queens,
And ace highs
Floating before my eyes.
Next day, in the so called
"Real world", my perception is tainted.
I need to buy a printer,
But is the sales assistant bluffing
When he says I should
Get the one he shows me?
I finally go all in,
And get a printer/copier/scanner all-in-one.
I'm not proud, but carring
My big box home, I stop
Before a bus stop to
Let someone pass, in his hand a shoebox.
I'm effectively the chip leader now,
And with my superior box size,
He is bullied into submission.
In spite of me checking first,
He stands there and has to let me pass.
I meet his glance, we both smile.